More than just project management

QM - Game Consulting not only offers you well-founded advice and project management,
we also use our knowledge for high-quality game development and app programming.

Teams of local and international partners are available to us for your individual project requests.
This allows us to assemble the production team tailored to the requirements of your project.
This flexible approach allows us to deliver our best result to you!

Project management, development, programming and consulting!

Project management

Our project management offers you competent advice as well as a quick and easy overview for your game development or app programming. This also allows us to bundle the information so that you always stay informed about everything important!

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If you would like to use your time for other activities, we have a suitable solution for you:
Our project management offers you professional support for your projects. All involved partners, employees, investors and outsourcing companies are managed and briefed in a structured manner. to effectively implement your product in the highest possible quality.

Reports from all partners are sent to QM – Game Consulting. At the next level, the data sent is processed and prepared as a status report. In particular, dependencies on internal and external project processes such as marketing, sales and end-user analyzes are organized and monitored. This gives you a complete overview and gives you constant control over your projects.

Project development

In the development itself, we also always rely on reliable conceptualisation and always draw up timetables with milestones as a control for the implementation. Of course, these also include and apply to all of our partners involved.

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In general, the projects are continuously monitored.
You will receive regular project updates in the form of a structured overview.

This includes reports...

  • ... on the project status and the workload of the team members
  • ... to milestone status with transparently communicated problems within development
  • ... about the efficiency of the employees with possible staff absences
  • ... to the financial overview and the current burn rate of the project team
  • ... to find solutions and overcome problems
  • ... including regular meetings on the project status

Project controlling

Far-sighted planning and financing of projects is an essential component for successful implementation. Here too, our project management and financial advice is available to you for the development and programming of your project.

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After the project has started, new hurdles often get in the way, which may often stretch the project budget.

We offer you fully comprehensive financial control over all project costs. This includes internal and external costs as well as buffers and profit for the development of the product. Usually, to be on the safe side, payments are always linked to the delivery of a milestone as a condition. In this way, we ensure that the product also records the desired progress.

This service also includes customer-oriented negotiations with partners. Our goal here is to get the best for your project for the available budget. This allows you to take care of the other requirements of your projects without having to worry about budgetary planning and implementation. We give you frequent updates on the financial status of your projects. Because it's our job to use your budget as efficiently and wisely as possible.

Games Development

The game design services offered by QM - Game Consulting provide you with optimal development and elaboration for your game! Thanks to our large partner network, we can tailor our team to the exact requirements of your project.

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Through many years of experience as a game designer, we create an individual game design for you. This will reflect your vision and the target audience of the product cropped. Game mechanics, content, story, level design, pedagogical concepts and special content such as VR* and AR** are developed in a user-friendly way.

In game design, we basically proceed in three stages to determine optimal mechanics.

Stage 1: From high concept to first game design document (GDD)

In this stage, vision and needs are taken up and written down. This stage is for brainstorming and ideation. Once the rough idea is set, feature packages and game design guidelines are already established to give the game a face.

Stage 2: From the game design document (GDD) to fine-tuning

Subsequently, all parts of the conception phase are transferred to the GDD. More detailed information and basic mechanics are added. After this phase, the project implementation can begin. Usually, the development team is briefed by the game designer, creative director and art lead to eliminate potential problem areas.

Stage 3: Revision of defined mechanics

The third phase is often called the "polishing" phase and means the revision of the alpha version to the beta version. Through playtesting, changes by the client and end-user analysis, the revision of some game mechanics is due. These are intended to give the product the final polish in game design. This is therefore also the last opportunity to rethink and, if necessary, adapt game mechanics.

During the entire development period, the game designer is the core of the team and is always available for advice.

* Virtual Reality
** Augmented Reality 


Our outsourcing management is a service that enables you to reliably outsource any project without losing the overview. As QM Game Consulting, we act as an interface to efficiently coordinate the flow of information.

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Tailored to the individual requirements, we distribute the work packages of your project to the appropriate specialists. As the interface between you and our outsourcing partners, we take care of prioritising, bundling and forwarding the information. This way you don't have to worry about losing important information and don't lose track of too many communication partners.

The coordination of the teams as well as the management are fully taken over by us when the project is commissioned.
Only in this way can we guarantee you the best possible overview and control of your project!

Our partners are active in the following areas:

  • Game Development
  • Software Development
  • 2D & 3D Art
  • Motion Design
  • Audio
  • Storywriting
  • QA

Contact us with your project enquiry and we will put together your personal development team for you!


Whether project management, development, programming or financing - we are happy to provide you with our non-binding advice in advance and during the process. Let us convince you of our transparency and working methods!

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We will be happy to advise you individually on your project ideas. We will show you what possibilities you have in terms of marketing, development and technologies with your project.

With our many years of experience in game development and business management, we would also be happy to advise you in your company on the following topics:

  • Personnel Management & Recruiting
  • Company and project controlling - overview with system
  • Project management and resource allocation
  • Outsourcing management and coordination
  • Corporate strategy aspects and orientation
  • Market opportunities and marketing

We would be happy to support you in your company to make development more efficient for you.

Programming with standard

Writing code is one thing.
But only by clean working it is possible to edit and expand codes efficiently.

Our internal guidelines represent our claim to always supply you with high-quality products.
Regardless of whether it is game development, app programming or other digital applications.

our demands on the quality of our code

Clean Code

The code structure and our standards are maintained and adhered to. This makes it possible to expand your project easily and to fix errors quickly.


We focus on resolution independence and functionality on various end devices. This means that your product can be used far more flexibly.


In order to find your way around more quickly, our codes are provided with comments. This also facilitates editing by external programmers.


Due to our structural and our careful way of working, we can easily adapt your project to new requirements. Porting is also possible.

Free Updates

Our work is not done with the completion of your project. We offer you small free updates and bug-fixing in case of problems of any kind.

UI Elements

When implementing the user interface with user experience design, we make every effort to ensure that your project is appealing and intuitive to use.

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