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Canisius Pilgrim's Passport Shortlist

The Canisius Pilgrim's Passport made it onto the shortlist for the German Prize for Online Communication in the category "Disruptive Communications". We are pleased that we made it onto the list among many applications!

Update Pilgrim's Passport

The gamified pilgrimage is published as an application through the avatar Petrus Canisius in a charming user experience and finds favour with the target group. Especially in pandemic times, this is an ideal way to go on a digital pilgrimage.

Blautopf VR wins DEP 2019

The mystery adventure game for the HTC Vive "Blautopf VR - Geheimnis der Lau" wins the German Developer Award (DEP) in the Innovation category. Experience the fascinating and hidden cave world in the Swabian Alb.

Publication Blautopf VR

Blautopf VR is now also available for the HTC Vive and smartphones! As a mystery adventure game or as an informative app, you can now immerse yourself in the secrets of the cave complex in the Swabian Alb!

Publication Vocaris

Since 25 November 2018, the lifestyle app Vocaris has been available in the App Store and Google Play. Vocaris is intended to help young Christians in particular to work out talents and possible vocations with self-tests, prayers and exercises.

Red Dot Award for MakeHappy!

The advertising campaign for Make Happy was awarded the Red Dot Communication Design Award for high design quality and creative achievement on 26 October 18. The print campaign was able to hold its own against more than 8,600 international submissions.

Push message from the Pope

On 31.07.2018, Pope Francis personally sent a message of peace via goRome! during his genre audience of the pilgrimage. All pilgrims who had installed the app on their devices were thus even closer to the action.

Publication goRome!

On 16 July 2018, the goRome! app for the pilgrimage to Rome was made available for download in the app stores. With over 22,000 installations and a push message from Pope Francis, goRome! makes a successful statement.


QM Game Consulting has a wide range of production options. Not just game development, but also app programming for smartphones and tablets, computer programs and websites to applications for consoles are possible! Thanks to our stable partner network, the scope of your individual project is entirely up to you. We also offer you small and simple show apps for trade fairs through to complicated configuration programs, simulators and games. Everything your digital heart desires!


Android & iOS

Would you like a small mobile game? Or would you like something more - your personal company app with individually configurable content, for example? We would be happy to implement your personal ideas from the idea to the finished product in the App Store for both iOS and Android!

PC & Mac

Do you need a marketing tool or an internal programme for your company to present or optimise your processes? From simulators to configurators to computer games, everything is possible! We implement your wishes and ideas for Windows and macOS!

HTC Vive & Oculus Rift

Would you like something even more innovative? Of course, we also produce for virtual reality devices such as the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. Expand your presentation repertoire with new dimensions and make an impressive statement with virtual reality!

Years of experience

Projects completed

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Always up-to-date, we offer you the opportunity to create new perspectives with your vision, in the truest sense of the word! Whether in a handy format for smartphones and tablets with Augmented Reality (AR) technology,
or as Virtual Reality (VR) experience - we will be happy to advise you on the best technology for your needs.
For the implementation, we provide you with our project management expertise and our team specially put together for you available.


VR - Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself in the immersive world of virtual reality and realise your concept or game idea together with us. Whether it's a trade fair gimmick, configuration tool or entertaining game - you're guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!


Use all channels to link your projects such as applications, websites and AR/VR applications. Network your ideas and platforms together with us and benefit from a wide range of services in the area of cross and social media!

AR - Augmented Reality

Bring your vision within reach - for your customers too! Our AR team enables you to embed your products in reality with three-dimensional and interactive features via smartphone or tablet. Let us expand your reality!








Whether it's game development, app programming or AR and VR projects:

We offer you passionate project development with flexible team composition to implement your vision.
For your individual needs, we set up teams from local and international partners available.


Project management

While you keep track of all the important details of your personal project, we take care of the coordination and implementation of your ideas from start to finish.

Project development

Together with you, we work out your ideas and concepts into a solid and efficient concept. Through our outsourcing management, your project is supervised and implemented with our experienced partners.

Project controlling

With our controlling service, we always keep you up to date. This means you always have a precise overview of the progress of your project, as well as ongoing updates on the current status of the budget.

Game design

From the idea to the concept to the implementation. As one of our core competences, we offer you an excellent game design service, no matter whether it's just playful features or entire games!


We put together a team for you from our international partner network. This is ideally tailored to your needs and the requirements of your project and promises high quality for your product.


No matter whether it is marketing, conception or the elaboration of an idea. We are happy to make our industry experience in the digital sector and our knowledge available to you for advisory purposes.

Partners, customers and cooperations

QM Game Consulting has a broad network of partner contacts. Whether national, international, inexpensive
or high-end production - we will put together the ideal team for your ideas!

Weltweit vernetzt!

Our latest projects

Whether it's game development, app programming or AR and VR projects:

Here you get an overview of our current projects.
Let yourself be inspired by our diverse references!

Fresh from the software factory!
Boulder Dash Deluxe

Boulder Dash Deluxe

Boulder Dash® Deluxe nimmt Dich mit der Spielfigur Rockford™ auf eine Reise mit vielen unterschiedlich, neuen und spannenden Herausforderungen mit. Finde die Schatztruhen mit seltenen Schmuckstücken und tollen Power-Ups.

Wallenfels AR-App

Wallenfels AR-App

Die Wallenfels Augmented Reality 3D-App bietet den Nutzern die Möglichkeit eine neues maßgenaues Brillengestell direkt in der App zu bestellen. Mittels eines 3D Druckers werden die Brillengestelle gedruckt und direkt zum Optiker geliefert.



Ein farbenfroher “Endless Runner” welches an das “Deutsche Post Seifenkistenrennen Event” angelehnt ist. Im Spiel selbst geht es darum, so lange wie möglich auf der Strecke zu bleiben, Münzen zu sammeln und einen möglichst hohen Highscore zu erreichen.

Unsinkable Sam

Unsinkable Sam

The prototype of Unsinkable Sam was funded by the BMVI and finalized on May 06, 2021 together with Tellux Next GmbH and Pixelcloud. The first scenes as well as the staging of the final product in final quality will be shown.


Canisius Pilgrim Pass

Embark on a journey with Peter Canisius and explore the different pilgrimage sites of the Jesuit Pilgrim Pass. Each location has a story, videos, pictures and mini-games. Compete against your fellow pilgrims and achieve 1st place in the ranking!

Blautopf VR

Blautopf VR

Explore places to which hardly anyone has access? Blautopf VR - an impressive virtual reality experience of the Blauhöhlen complex in southern Germany! Whether informative or as a mystery game adventure, with smartphone, tablet or VR glasses!

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