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Canisius-Pilgerpass Shortlist

Canisius Pilgrim's Passport Shortlist

The Canisius Pilgrim's Passport made it onto the shortlist for the German Prize for Online Communication in the category "Disruptive Communications". We are pleased that we made it onto the list among many applications!

Update Canisius-Pilgerpass

Update Pilgrim's Passport

The gamified pilgrimage is published as an application through the avatar Petrus Canisius in a charming user experience and finds favour with the target group. Especially in pandemic times, this is an ideal way to go on a digital pilgrimage.

Blautopf VR gewinnt DEP 2019

Blautopf VR wins DEP 2019

The mystery adventure game for the HTC Vive "Blautopf VR - Geheimnis der Lau" wins the German Developer Award (DEP) in the Innovation category. Experience the fascinating and hidden cave world in the Swabian Alb.

Weltpremiere von Play in München

Play world premiere in Munich

Jennifer, 17, for whom gaming has always been part of everyday teenage life, feels uncomfortable and lonely. Hooked by the virtual reality game "Avalonia", gaming gradually becomes her lifeblood. In the process, her life gets completely out of balance.

Veröffentlichung Blautopf VR

Publication Blautopf VR

Blautopf VR is now also available for the HTC Vive and smartphones! As a mystery adventure game or as an informative app, you can now immerse yourself in the secrets of the cave complex in the Swabian Alb!

Veröffentlichung von Vocaris

Publication Vocaris

Since 25 November 2018, the lifestyle app Vocaris has been available in the App Store and Google Play. Vocaris is intended to help young Christians in particular to work out talents and possible vocations with self-tests, prayers and exercises.

AnsLicht Veröffentlichung

Publication AnsLicht

The third app of the Youth Way of the Cross series AnsLicht is also intended to support young Christians on their Way of the Cross with Jesus with pictures, songs and prayers. Through black and white motifs, Ben Willikens gives users plenty of space for their thoughts.

Red Dot Award für MakeHappy!

Red Dot Award for MakeHappy!

The advertising campaign for Make Happy was awarded the Red Dot Communication Design Award for high design quality and creative achievement on 26 October 18. The print campaign was able to hold its own against more than 8,600 international submissions.

Push Nachricht vom Papst

Push message from the Pope

On 31.07.2018, Pope Francis personally sent a message of peace via goRome! during his genre audience of the pilgrimage. All pilgrims who had installed the app on their devices were thus even closer to the action.

Veröffentlichung von goRome!

Publication goRome!

On 16 July 2018, the goRome! app for the pilgrimage to Rome was made available for download in the app stores. With over 22,000 installations and a push message from Pope Francis, goRome! makes a successful statement.

#beimir Veröffentlichung

Publication #beimir

The second app #beimir, the successor to the app JesusArt, is also a youth Way of the Cross that invites young Christians to walk their Way of the Cross with Jesus. Some improvements allow the app to be customized.

Veröffentlichung JesusArt

Publication JesusArt

The release of JesusArt on 28 November 2016 for Android and IOS is a great success! It is the first Youth Way of the Cross in a series for young Christians to walk their journey with Jesus through images, songs and prayers.

Utopolis gewinnt Pädi Award

Utopolis wins Pädi Award

Utopolis received its fourth award for the educational added value of the basic political principle. As the best app for young people, the Pädi Award honours the app above all for its potential to deal with democracy in a playful way.

Utopolis gewinnt Giga-Maus Award

Utopolis wins Giga-Maus Award

The third award was given to Utopolis by Giga-Maus for the best game and winning the family category. Similar to the DCP Award, Giga-Maus values the fun of the game and the deeper engagement with democratic communication.

Utopolis gewinnt Red Dot Award

Utopolis wins Red Dot Award

After the German Computer Game Award, Utopolis wins its second award on 17 August 2015 for outstanding game design. The award was presented by the renowned Red Dot Design Award in the category Communication Design.

Utopolis gewinnt den DCP 2015

Utopolis wins the DCP 2015

Utopolis wins the award for "Best Serious Game" at the German Computer Game Awards 2015. The reason for this is the democratic game principle, in which the players can set the rules themselves after a majority decision.

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