On July 16, 2018, the app goRome! for the upcoming pilgrimage to Rome was made available for download in the app stores. Especially for young altar boys and girls, the app helps in many ways, as it not only includes appropriate prayers and highlights of the Statt, but also offers assistance if you get lost. An exciting in-app game with puzzles and adventure tasks also provides entertainment during free time, and the drinking water location function of goRome! comes in handy especially when the heat is blazing. Another visually appealing gimmick is the map feature, which shows the location and origin of each altar boy with a small icon. On the one hand, this helps with orientation, but on the other hand, it also promotes international friendships, since everyone can see if and where they will run into a like-minded person.

With over 22,000 installations and a push message from Pope Francis to all users, this first-of-its-kind pilgrimage app makes a successful statement and sets the bar high.