Canisius Pilgrim Pass

the Jesuit Pilgrimage App



For: Android & IOS

Release: 13.02.2021

Type: Pilgrim App

Genre: Lifestyle

Target group: Jesuits, pilgrims.


For Smartphones …


Canisius Pilgrim Passport is a game app for digital pilgrimage through Europe and the USA. The avatar Petrus Canisius guides you through the different pilgrimage sites. Here you can find interesting information, pictures and videos about each of these places. You can also prove your knowledge by playing different mini-games about the places and people. From station to station, you'll be able to complete your pilgrimage passport by stamping it to get all the country stamps. In addition, you can outdo your fellow pilgrims in the high score by acting skillfully and quickly to get the 1st place in the ranking. In your prayer corner is your spiritual diary to record your spirituality in the form of entries and share them on Facebook. Furthermore, you can be reminded of your daily prayer time and learn background information about the life story of Peter Canisus.

About Canisius Pilgrim Pass


The Canisius Pilgrim Pass was commissioned by the IHS Jesuits in Central Europe. The app was realized with the partners of the consulting agency MDG, the agency for digital signundsinn, the social media consulting Tacsy GmbH and the publication by TELLUX next GmbH. QM Game Consulting took over the development and producing.



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