Boulder Dash Deluxe

THE legendary retro action puzzle game



For: Switch

Release: 01.09.2021

Type: Action-Puzzler

Genre: Gaming

Target group: All ages



Boulder Dash® Deluxe takes you and the Rockford™ character on a journey with many different, new and exciting challenges. Dig through spectacular caves with 3D elements, avoid getting hit by falling rocks or caught by nasty enemies, and collect valuable gems along the way. Find the treasure chests with rare trinkets and great power-ups. Boulder Dash® Deluxe includes 180 brand new, exciting and unique levels. Plus, dig through 9 all-new worlds with state-of-the-art graphics, custom skins and backgrounds, or plunge into the Classic 1984 world with its caves. Also, have fun with Liepa World, a set of 20 incredible and nerve-wracking levels designed by the forefather of the original 1984 Boulder Dash version and legend of video games, Peter Liepa. If that's not enough, you can be challenged by 15 new types of opponents with a wide variety of skills - with names like Octopus and Snow Tiger. Boulder Dash® Deluxe truly represents the best of 35 years of Boulder Dash®!

For PC...

… and Switch

Game Trailer


We were commissioned on behalf of BBG-Entertainment to port the game they developed, Boulderdash Deluxe, to the Nintendo Switch.

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