For: Android & iOS

Release: 04.12.2017

Type: Multiplayer

Genre: Religion

Target group: Young Christians

Price: Free with in-app purchases

For Smartphones …

… and Tablets



Like its predecessor app "JesusArt", the Youth Way of the Cross app #beimir invites young Christians to walk their individual Way of the Cross with Jesus. Whether alone, in a group or in the whole congregation, #beimir offers many suggestions, prayers and opportunities to engage with Jesus' Way of the Cross.

With timely design, appealing media content and current questions, users have the opportunity to further deepen their religion and relationship with God on their cell phone or tablet. With the modular system of prayers, songs, questions and more, the user's own Stations of the Cross can be adapted to individual needs and situations.

All media contained in the app are also available as a print version or CD, including poster, USB stick and button in an attractive bundle.


About #beimir

As the successor to the first digital Stations of the Cross app "Jesus Art", the Youth Stations of the Cross app #beimir also contains all the materials, i.e. images, texts and songs of the Ecumenical Youth Stations of the Cross. Due to the many positive feedbacks, the app is an improved form of its predecessor and now includes the possibility to customize his personal Stations of the Cross from a modular system. There is also a choice between modern spiritual songs and electro-pop with "spoken word".

The Ecumenical Way of the Cross for Youth is sponsored by the Office for Youth Pastoral Care of the German Bishops' Conference (afj), the Association of German Catholic Youth (BDKJ) and the Association of Protestant Youth in Germany (aej).



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