departure of the animals



For: Android & IOS

Release: 19.01.2015

Type: Multiplayer

Genre: Adventure

Target group: Commuters and teenagers

Level: 7

For Smartphones …

… and Tablets


Utopolis - Departure of the Beasts is a free multiplayer app for smartphones and tablets. In it, a group of 25 players must complete various adventures in a total of 7 levels. Like in fairy tales, the characters of the game are animals like wolves, wild boars and even stag beetles. The focus is to experience team-oriented democratic principles. This is to playfully encourage cooperation and communication between players, as these skills are important to win the game. The target groups are commuters and young adults. For this reason, we work closely with partners from the education sector, such as schools.

Awards 2015



Red Dot Award








For many generations, the animals have lived a peaceful life in the great forest. But when the owl Armin reports a strange force that destroys their living space, the animals embark on the long journey to Utopolis. There they want to conquer the source of the sinister "red glow" to save their world.

Democratic principle

In order to experience team-oriented democratic principles, each player can create his own laws based on various specifications and propose them to the group. If the majority votes in favor, the law becomes a binding rule for each player. In this way, for example, resources can be forced to the camp or animals that hurt or kill other members of the group can be punished. In addition, the players determined which path to take to accomplish the various tasks necessary for survival: "path of the commune" or path of the warrior, each of the five available paths offers players advantages and disadvantages in reaching your objective, and your choice requires consideration and foresight.

About Utopolis


The project was implemented in strong cooperation with the Nemetschek Foundation. The task of QM Game Consulting was to organize the communication as well as the milestone deliveries. In addition, the project team had to deliver deliverable packages to the client within the given timeframe. As producer, the agile planning method Scrum was used, mixed with classic project planning for a good overview. The planning was done with the team in weekly meetings and the execution using Hansoft.



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