unique fireworks simulator



For: PC (Retail) & iOS

Release: 26.11.2014

Type: Simulation

Genre: Adventure

Target audience: Pyromaniacs & Simulations Fans

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… Für PC und IOS


Weco's unique fireworks simulator offers the player two scenarios as a playground for unique fireworks: the Munich Olympic Park and in the middle of the Rhine in Cologne. The sandbox simulation gameplay enables countless combinations with various effects to create unique fireworks. Because even for trained pyrotechnicians and large fireworks, the game is used to plan and implement fireworks compositions that are precise to the millisecond. You can also add your own music to make the experience even better!







Load your own music into the extensive configurator with over 100 realistic effects and 30 launch frames. Then you can synchronize your fireworks with your music in the configurator. You can also deflagrate your fireworks, save it as a video and share it with your friends. So let it rip beat by beat and watch your fireworks from six different camera angles!

About Weco


Weco's unique fireworks simulator was developed in cooperation with certified pyrotechnicians and officially licensed by WECO. QM Game Consulting took over the producing and management of an eleven-strong team. It was mainly worked together with the publisher Rondomedia. The tasks were implemented under the strict CI specifications of the licensor WECO.



Licensor and namesake

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