YES or kNOw

Companion app to the Ravensburger smartPLAY board game


For: Android & iOS

Release: 07.10.2015

Type: App for board game

Genre: Quiz-Game

Target audience: Families and puzzle lovers.

Price: free of charge

The board game with connection to smartphones ...

… and Tablets


Puzzle fun for the whole family!
The app for the quiz game YES or kNOw is indispensable for the game. Because it contains the over 2,000 questions in 10 different game modes. These are asked in the game by Bob the moderator directly from the smartphone. Each player gets the questions matched to his age! The game is not only about pure knowledge, but also about skillful combination. Bob distributes the points and stores them in the smartphone. So you don't have to memorize or write down your current score. So only one question remains open until the end: Who will be crowned quiz king after the exciting show?

Technical and features

Age appropriate questions

Zu Beginn des Spiels kann jeder Mitspieler seine Altersgruppe auf dem Handy auswählen. Anhand dieser Eingabe wird Showmaster Bob im Verlauf des Spiels die Fragen fair für jeden Spieler auswählen.

Augmented Reality

Um eine Frage zu beantworten wird ein Feld mit einem Plättchen abgedeckt. Das Smartphone erkennt automatisch da abgedeckte Feld und registriert so die Antwort.

Virtual Moderator

Bob, der Showmaster erklärt nicht nur das Spiel. Er kommentiert das Geschehen und führt die Spieler durch die Quiz Show. Zudem ist er für die altersgerechte Auswahl der Fragen zuständig.



About YES or kNOw


The quiz game YES or kNOw is already the second collaboration with Ravensburger. Similar to Scotland Yard Master, it is a board game with a digital application. The integrated age categories give everyone a fair chance to win the game. The game set contains all the necessary parts for the board game including a stand for cell phones. The app only needs to be downloaded and the fun can begin. Instructions and progression are explained at the beginning.
YES or kNOw also received the German Developer Award for the best family game in 2014.

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