Make Happy



For: Android & iOS

Release: 14.09.2017

Type: Lifestyle

Genre: Lifestyle

Target group: Good people

... For smartphones and tablets


The lifestyle app "Make Happy" is literally based on the principle of "doing good pays off," as users receive a randomly generated task in the form of a good deed every day. For each completed task, users receive Happy Points, which in turn, once a certain number of points have been earned, are donated by the Archdiocese of Cologne to a social or environmental project of the user's choice.

The main tasks are divided into the categories “Good for me”, “Good for friends”, “Good for others” and “Good for the environment” and are randomly suggested to the user. There is also the option to change the task three times per day before accepting it. If you want to do even more good, you can send and receive tasks to friends.

About Make Happy

As a project with Christian-inspired values, such as charity, togetherness, and helping the weak, the goal of Make Happy is to reach out to people outside of church congregations and motivate them to do good deeds.

As part of the #gutmensch campaign, the app was developed to give more importance to moral values ​​in to give to society.

The modern design of the app is intended to appeal to young people in particular and also won the Red Dot Design Award in 2018.

Make Happy was discontinued on 01 May 2019. In total, with over 24,000 confirmed good deeds, a sum of 43,130€ was donated by the Archdiocese of Cologne to 13 projects.




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